What to Expect at PBL

Welcome to Paintball Land; one of the longest running/operating fields in the region. We have been hosting parties for over 22 years. Here is what we have found to be useful to you as you plan your paintball party:

Once everyone arrives at PBL for the party we will go through the orientation segment and issue equipment (safety mask/semi-automatic marker and air) - you will have upgrade options presented to you also.
We will then assign you to a ref that will help you load paint and split up the teams evenly to play each match. If you have less than 12 players in your group you may be joined with another group of equal skill level to maximize the fun.
We have picnic tables/ shade trees/ misters if too hot/ to keep you comfortable and most importantly safety netting to keep spectators safe while watching games.
As you budget time/money for the party know that we have found that each player will average around 30 to 50 balls shot /player / 10 minute game. We then take a 2-3 minute break to reload then play another 10 minute game. We will continue this until they are out of paintballs. The average paintball party lasts around 2 hours with average of 4 to 5 games/hour.